GetPreferredHeight not firing

GetPreferredHeight not firing

Post by Raphael Morozo » Fri, 26 Jul 2002 06:51:40

Hi All...

I have a DataGridColumnStyle that extends
DataGridTextBoxColumn.  I am overriding the
GetPreferredHeight and GetMinimumHeight functions among
others.  It appears that when the grid is rendered, my
GetPreferredHeight function is not being entered.  The
GetMinimumHeight function, on the other hand, does fire.  
Is there something I'm missing or am I just going insane?

Any help would be appreciated...

Raphael Morozov
Paramount Pictures


1. Textbox events either not firing or firing in wrong order

I have a form with a textbox and I have selected the TextChanged and Leave
events to do the following:
a. when the text is changed, set a flag so that when I leave the box, I will
know that something has changed within the box vs the fact that I might be
leaving the box without making changes.
b. in the Leave event, if text has changed, I update other fields.

I have found that when the form first opens, I can see that the data in the
textbox is highlight. The next step I take is to highlight, lets say, just
one of the digits and change its value.

When I leave the box, either by tabbing or by clicking the mouse in another
field. the leave event is not called.

Now, I go back to the textbox and make another change, this time, when I
leave the field either by tab or mouse, the Leave event is called.

Why does the Leave event not get called every time?

I then tried using the LostFocus event and that seems to work correctly, but
I am also going to need to do validating, so I tried putting in the
Validating and Validated event. These are about as unreliable as the Leave
event. I suppose I could validate in the LostFocus event and then set focus
back to the control I was leaving but that sounds hokey.

Does anyone know why these events might not be getting called all the time?


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