Detecting Windows login info

Detecting Windows login info

Post by CSDun » Wed, 09 Apr 2003 04:25:32

I am in the process of moving the front end of our SQL Server 2000 databases
from MS Access 2000 Projects to ASP.NET.

Access 2000 Projects have allowed me to use the 'SYSTEM_USER' of a
Windows log in to SQL Server 2000 for the purposes of designing Views and
Stored Procedures in such a way that the data presented in Project Forms
and Reports could be customized for the logged in user (SELECT.....
WHERE 'Field name' = (SYSTEM_USER)).

These Access Project applications (ADP's) are used by school teachers with
Windows accounts. The ADP files open a connection to SQL Server, and the
users are Authenticated per their group membership as Windows logins in SQL
Server. On the database side, the main table for the teacher data has a
vchar column that contains a text string in the format of 'domain\username'
for each teacher, and is used to filter for 'SYSTEM_USER' in Views and
Stored Procedures.

Without the use of Windows log in accounts to SQL Server 2000 in an ASP.NET
application, is it possible to achieve the same level of
customization without requiring an additional log in for the user on the
ASP.NET page? If so, how would I approach this? If not, what can I do when
working with ASP.NET applications to get this kind of customization without
requiring the user to initiate a separate log in for the ASP.NET

Thanks for your help!



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If I give wrong  login parameters( wrong username or wrong password)  fail
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    OleDbConnection = new OleDbConnection(source);
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It doesnot go to the catch Exception section.

I want to findout if the login parameters are successful before trying a SQL
statement. Right now, I get the error message ( if the login fails ) when I
try to run a query against the database. I want to findout before I query
the database if the login is successful. Is there any paramter in
OleDbConnction which will tell me if the login is successful.

Thanks in advance,

Raja Kanthadai
Allegro Development

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