Reading Child Row from a Datagrid displaying Parent-Child Realtionship

Reading Child Row from a Datagrid displaying Parent-Child Realtionship

Post by Mukes » Wed, 05 Feb 2003 01:29:59

Hi ,

Can anyone know tell me how do i pull(read) data of child
record from a Datagrid displaying Parent-Child
relationship. I need to find out which child record was
selected when the user clicks one of the child record.

For e.g I can use CurrentRowIndex to get the Parent row
information. But how can i get Child row information???

Thanks a lot



1. DataGrid: how to display parent/child rows in a tree-like manner?


when hierarchical data is bound to a DataGrid, clicking the "+" symbol
on a row will expand something like a link to the child data. Clicking
this link shows the selected parent data above the DataGrid's column
header, and displays the child rows.

I would very much prefer a tree-like view, where one can simply expand
the child row data under the parent row, and all parent rows stay
visible. Several child rows could be expanded at one time. Does DataGrid
support this kind of behaviour? Or are there any alternative
DataGrid-like implementations out there, which provide tree-views?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
Arno Huetter

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