Context-sensitive Help

Context-sensitive Help

Post by Paul Kubitschec » Thu, 27 Jun 2002 23:03:31


I want to provide context-sensitive help for my WinForm
app in different languages. If the user presses the F1
key on a control, the Help system should display the page
and label associated to the active control from the help
file associated to the current language.
For this purpose, I wrote a HelpEventHandler which uses a
compiled help file associated to the special language and
the control name as label. This works fine if I use KLink
as label:
Help.ShowHelp(this, chmfile, HelpNavigator.KeywordIndex,
But, KLinks are language specific and the control names
to be used as label are always english. I want to use
ALinks instaed of KLinks. How can I display an ALink with



Context-sensitive Help

Post by yanl » Fri, 28 Jun 2002 14:53:28


Does Help.ShowHelp(this, chmfilePath, HelpNavigator.AssociateIndex,
ALinkName) work for you?

Yan Liu
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Context-sensitive Help

Post by Paul Kubitschec » Sat, 29 Jun 2002 17:04:36

Hi Yan,

No, AssociateIndex does also search the index. In
contrast to KeywordIndex, it locates to the first index
word matching any prefix from the word specified.

My solution now is to use the HelpProvider class:

HelpProvider = new System.Windows.Forms.HelpProvider();
HelpProvider.HelpNamespace = ChmFilePath;
HelpProvider.SetHelpNavigator(Box1, HelpNavigator.Topic);
HelpProvider.SetHelpKeyword(Box1, "helpfile1.htm#" +

The helpfile1.htm contains the associated A-Tag:

<li><a name="Box1">A-Nummer</a><br/>
In diesem Eingabefeld wird die Telefonnummer des Anrufers

I think, the description of the HelpNavigator property is
not quite clear. It would be helpful to provide some
examples like this with the HelpProvider class.


any prefix maching  

Quote:>-----Original Message-----

>Does Help.ShowHelp(this, chmfilePath,

Quote:>ALinkName) work for you?

>Yan Liu
>This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and
confers no rights.



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