Is it possible to turn off the Nagle alogrithm (TCP NoDelay) with httpWebRequest in

Is it possible to turn off the Nagle alogrithm (TCP NoDelay) with httpWebRequest in

Post by Charlie » Wed, 05 Mar 2003 22:48:38

I am using the httpWebRequest component to send a request to a tomcat
server. I have a packet trace that shows that the Tomcat server responds
900~ms after the first packet in the request is sent, httpWebRequest does
not send the three remaining packets untill it receives a response from the
tomcat server, this causes an error in the servlet on the Tomcat server
because it processes only part of the request.

If it is not possible to toggle this setting from httpWebRequest what would
be a good alternative approach to the problem ?

Thanks in advance.



p.s. I'm not sure if this is the best newsgroup for this question, if anyone
knows of a more appropriate newsgroup then please say so.


1. How Turn Sourcesafe prompt off and on from VB

I'm not sure if this is the correct newsgroup to post this question
to. If it is not, please excuse me and point me to the more
appropriate site.
I have written a VB Addin that will recursively cycle through all the
.VBP's in a folder and all its subfolders and then find strings that
the User wants to search for. It works fine except that for every
project it opens and then removes (from the VBIDE), it asks the user
if they want to Add it to Sourcesafe or not. I believe there are
SourceSafe options that could be set manually to eliminate these
prompts. However, I have not been consistently successful in setting
them manually to accomplish this myself and I would like to save the
User the trouble of having to unset/set these options.
What I would like to do is write 2 routines that will get called by my
 1. To be called right before it starts the Recursive Search to
capture the settings of these options so that the prompt will not
2. To be called when the Search is complete which will reset them back
to their original settings.
I have added a reference to SourceSafeTypeLib and tried looking at the
objects using ObjectBrowser. I see lots of VSSFlags and imagine that I
want a couple of them. However, when I do an F1 on any of them, I only
get a "No Help Available" message, so I don't know how to find out
which one[s] I need. Also, I don't know how to connect to them or
instantiate the Sourcesafe Object. I thought perhaps that Sourcesafe
was an Addin but if I enumerate the Addins, it is not there.
I have gone to
and downloaded a sample project with code but I am somewhat
overwhelmed but it all and since, for now, I just want to do this tiny
isolated thing, don't want to have to wade through it all to
understand it all. Regrettably, I have never used Sourcesafe as a
User, so it is pretty foreign to me. Eventually I would like to and
have my Users use it as a team, but for now, I just want to turn it
off and on.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I suspect this is
trivial if you know anything about Sourscesafe but for me it is a real
showstopper in releasing my Addin to my Users.
Thanks, Christine

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