Problem detecting browser/OS info on NT4

Problem detecting browser/OS info on NT4

Post by Andrew O'Brie » Wed, 05 Sep 2001 23:53:20

I'm having problems getting browser and operating system information using
the MSWC.BrowserType object on NT 4.0 using VB.  Does anyone know a

I'm using the following properties: Browser, majorver, platform,

Thanks and any help will be appreciated.



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Dear All,

I am having the foll serious problem,I developed a Page
with MMIT and Mobile:object List control to populate data
from DB.

I tested with pocket pc it works fine.when i tested with
Palm os and eudora 2.1 emulator.The page cannot be loaded
and it says error in loading the page.

I initially thought the grid control/object list control
is not rendere properly but when  i view the source(html
source) all the values are perfect.I tested some other
pages with out grid and populated from db.

How to make it work.Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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