login failed

login failed

Post by phanto » Thu, 29 May 2003 13:54:56

I am have just upgraded my OS to Windows 2003 Server
Edtion and I have also upgraded Visual Studio.net to
studio.net 2003. After being prompted by vs.net2003 to
convert my
files to the new standard, I was warned that I could use
them again
in an older version of visual studio. I also created a new
directory for my website and tried to browse on of my
webpage, but
then I get the following error "Login failed for user 'NT
In SQL2000 I already have an account for ASPNET and
POWERPLANT\ASPNET, in my datebase, POWERPLANT being my
The webpages themselves are created in c#. Have I missed
the configuration of Windows2003 or in
Visualstudio2003.net or in
When I was using the previous visual studio.net and
running it on
windowsXP Pro, I only had a problem in the begining that
account was not created in SQL2000, is this a similar
problem .



1. Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE....

Sounds like you are IIS6 in the default settings? You need to give access to
the database for whichever user account your ASP.Net pages are running as --
which seems to be "network" right now.

~Brad Kingsley
Microsoft MVP - ASP
Windows 2000 MCSE

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