Proxy in calling remote web service

Proxy in calling remote web service

Post by Isaac Ma » Thu, 17 May 2001 14:15:28

Do we have to program with SDL to create a local .DLL to call remote web



1. Windows Service hangs when calling ASP.Net Web Service on remote host

I have the following setup.

Remote web server that is running Windows 2000 and
the .Net framework that is hosting a web service that
retrieves a dataset from a SQL Server database.  There
are five different methods for this webservice that are
essentially the same except they retrieve different data
from different tables.  

Windows 2000 Server at another physical location that
references this web service over the internet using the
syntax  There is a timer
component attached to the service and within the
timer_elapsed code the service will create an instance of
the webservice and retrieve a dataset from the remote
host via this web service.  Five different methods are
called and each returns a seperate dataset which is then
imported into a local SQL database that exists on the
same server as the Windows Service is running.  For each
different dataset (or method called) there is a seperate
routine created that retrieves the data.  I split them
out into different routines hoping my problem would go
away.  I am also setting the webserviceObject.timeout=-1
property so that the Windows service doesn't timeout if
the internet is slow when waiting for the dataset to be

The problem is still the same.  The Windows Service will
run fine for awhile and then suddenly stop working.  I
have setup code that writes and entry to an event log at
the beginning of the process and then also writes an
entry to the same log when all the processes have
completed.  The problem is evident when I return to the
log and see only a begin entry with no matching end
entry.  After that the service must be restarted as the
timer component doesn't seem to fire anymore and I have
to assume that the windows service exe for my program has
crashed.  I don't receive any feedback from any of the
other log files or any indication that something has
failed and it's hard to determine why this is happening.

I would appreciate any help at all to resolve this.  

Gray Eastaugh

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