SSL Warning Message

SSL Warning Message

Post by Tavo » Fri, 14 Jun 2002 02:49:23

Is there a way to get rid off the SSL warning message when going from a
regular page ( to a secure page like

The warning message that I'm talking about pops up when I get sent to the
"https page"

Thanks in advance.



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We have a web page where in a frame we show the contents of a file that
resides on a remote machine.
As the IP of the remote machine changes frequently we have developped a
small application that is sending the IP every 5 minutes. In the source
of the page with the frameset we use the IP of the remote server to
refer the page.
As we are using SSL to view the page we are having some SSL Security
Alerts because the certificates were issued with our Microsoft
Certificate Server and because the name of the site does not match the
name of the site(because we are using IP).
Can I do something so that the client is not aware that the page in the
frameset comes from another site?
How could I get rid of the Security Alerts?


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