Master-Details - update problem with detail key

Master-Details - update problem with detail key

Post by Antonio Roch » Fri, 05 Apr 2002 08:39:00


When I create a master-detail form with the wizard, if I
dont choose the key of the detail it gives me the
folowing error at run-time:
"Column TestID does not allow nulls. Do you want to
correct the value?"
TestID is the key of detail table but I want that the user
dont input the value. I want that is equal to the value
that the user enter for the master. How can I do that?



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I figure that I'm probably not the first to ask this question, but buggered
if I could find an answer.

I have a dataset which take data from two adapters. I've defined a
relationship between the two tables and hence have set up a master/detail
scenario. The master control is a datagrid and the detail controls are a
bunch of text boxes.

My problem is this, I can detect and update the database with any changes
made in the datagrid (master), but I can't do it for any of the detail
records. I know that the dataset is being updated as when I make a change
(say someones address) and move to another record and come back the change
is present. But I can't seem to find the right way to tell the database to
get updated.

Any help with this is would be tops


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