Installation Error Message

Installation Error Message

Post by Anthony La » Thu, 29 May 2003 09:10:21

I have made several attempts to install Visual Studio.NET
and each time I try I get an error #1305.  The message
basically says that the installer is looking for the
following file/path:

"D:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio.NET\Vc7

Like I said, I have tried several times to install it.  I
even downloaded and intalled the Visual Studio.NET
framework service patch 2.  All to no avail.  ANY help
would be greatly appreciated.  :-)


1. ASP.NET debugger error message; *local* debugging; factory default installation;


I am having difficulty getting the *local* debugging features to work for an
ASP.NET application.

Shouldn't a factory default installation work to debug an ASP.NET
application that is freshly generated by Visual Studio?

I keep getting this famous MessageBox:

Any comments much appreciated here... the Help button information I've
looked at thoroughly but I am missing something.

I was doubting the installation on my Windows XP Pro machine, because the
documentation recommends that IIS be installed before the .NET development
environment.  I'm using Visual Studio .NET Professional 2002.

So ... I've taken these steps:

1)  I re-formatted my other computer with the Windows 2000 Professional
operating system.
2)  I installed IIS on this freshly formatted machine.
3)  I ran Windows Update to get the service packs current, along with
security releases, (although not the .NET framework 1.1)

All is good, so I proceed to install Visual Studio .NET Professional 2002,
as follows:

4)  Run the Components Update as the first step.
5)  Proceed with the factory default installation of VS.NET 2002 Pro.
6)  Install MSDE 2000

I've read the on-line help from the Help button on the messagebox, but I don't find anything wrong.
I've looked at the web.config file and it is set for "true" debug mode.  I
am a member of the Debugger Users group, etc.

I have not made any modifications to the
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705\CONFIG\machine.config file at
this point, although I originally tried with not success, I restored it to
the state prior to modifications.

If anyone agrees with me that I should be able to debug an ASP.NET
application (freshly generated from Visual Studio, with something simple
like a text label) with a factory default installation, please let me know,
or if there is something I am missing, any comments are much appreciated.



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