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I working now in a account program based on the web, in the futur I pass
this to window application
every user work with xml DataBase, and they have personal backup copy

Ma question :

1) I see when I make DataSet.WriteXml he write all the file correct ?

2) if yes what append when the file is very big ( 10 Mb ) ? It's a problem

3) They have possibility to write only the add, update, or delete item ?

4) what is the max size of a xml file ?

Thanks for all sugestion or help.



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Hi. I am trying to create some custom controls as my first real voyage into
C# and the .NET Framework, but am having a few questions I was hoping people
here might be able to answer for me.

Does any class support drawing of XP themed controls? I noticed that the
ControlPaint class gives an approximately the same results as the
DrawFrameControl API function, but doesn't draw themed controls.

What attributes allows me to create my own bands for the toolbox for custom
controls or components I write?

Why won't Visual Studio allow me to define more than one component or
control in a *.cs file? If I place two or more components or controls into
one *.cs files, only one class can be installed in the toolbox. What might I
be doing wrong?

How can I set Visual Studio to load my assembly and it's associated controls
with every project, or at least make them default as a reference to every
new project created?

I noticed that when you add a reference to an assembly with a long file path
that has spaces, any programs that reference it freak out at runtime and are
unable to load the assembly. Is this a bug? Is there a workaround?

Where can I find source code or assembly files that import Window API calls?
I ask this because if I find that no framework class supports drawing of
themed controls, I'd obviously have to attach to the Theme API and would
rather not define the functions myself, or can I link to c header files

Is there a better place than here to get anwsers to questions like these,
perhaps a Visual Studio mega FAQ somewhere?

Thanks in advance...
Anthony Walter

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