Problem using MsMAPI32.ocx from a C++ application.

Problem using MsMAPI32.ocx from a C++ application.

Post by Joseph Klige » Sat, 22 Feb 2003 10:23:05

I have a C++ application that uses the MsMAPI32.ocx to send e-mail. The
application works fine on any machine that have Visual Studio installed.
However, when I try to run it on machines which do not have Visual Studio
the application fails in the CreateDispach() of MSMAPI.MAPISession object.
The error message I get is either that "the class in not resigtered", or
that "you have no license to use this component". I know that MsMAPI32.ocx
is properly installed on these machines, since I wrote a quick VB program
that uses this component to sende some e-mail, and this program works fine.
I painstakingly compared the registry of a "good" machine with a "bad" one
and cannot see any difference.

Any idea what can cause such a failure?


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I am having difficulty in distributing an application I developed using the
msmapi32.ocx control.  Any system I try this on is unable to make instance
of the control, except for the system I developed it on.  I know the control
is registered(via regedit and test container) and I have used dumpbin to get
dependence.  Message services are installed.  I just dont get it, it seems
to work on stations with visual studio installed but not station with the
control registered.
Am I missing something.

thanks for your help in advance

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