Visual Studio Installer - can I....

Visual Studio Installer - can I....

Post by Andrew Kaplanowsk » Fri, 17 Aug 2001 15:34:19

... Add my own dialogs into the Installer project? Can I add add any
sequence of actions into Installer project written by myself?

Thank You,


1. Visual Studio Installer 1.1 and Visual Studio .NET

Hi all,

Although others have posted similar messages which got replies from
Microsoft professionals, I am still not clear on the subject. Maybe
someone can answer this problem without getting annoyed.

I'm running both Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio .NET on an XP problem. I used Visual Studio Installer 1.1 to generate all
my Setups.

I read in the VS.NET readme file on the CD that VS.NET installs VSI
version 2, and that VSI 1.1 will not work after install.

Ok, I'm clear so far! The problem is that I can't get VSI 2.0 to make
Setups for VB 6 apps, which, I suppose, is obvious. Needless to say,
Microsoft was right....VSI 1.1 doesn't work anymore. It keeps on
telling me that some of the MSM's are invalid or being edited, and
then fails.

It's all good and fine that VS 6 and VS.NET can co-exist on the same
machine, but how on earth am I going to make Setups for my old VB 6

Or am I just being stupid??

Charl Pohlmann

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