Retriving attribute from custom attribute collection

Retriving attribute from custom attribute collection

Post by Victo » Tue, 05 Jun 2001 23:50:25


I created custom attribute collection. How can I declare that attribute in
front of the class and how to extract contents of that attribute collection.

public class RoleAttribute : Attribute {

public RoleAttribute(string[] pRString){

this.pRString = pRString;


private string[] pRString;

public string[] RString {

get {

return pRString;


For example, when I had custom attribute without collection I would declare
it before some class as following:



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1. retrieving an attribute from an attribute collection

Hi, i have the following

Public Function load( _
  ByRef rxmlData As System.Xml.XmlElement) As

Dim xmlAttribute As System.Xml.XmlAttribute
dim intAttributeIndex as integer = 1

xmlAttribute = rxmlData.Attributes.Item

this blows up with the following error

dom\CFile.vb(75) : error BC30521: No accessible
overloaded 'Item' is most specific for these
arguments. Cannot choose between these:

    For overload candidate 'Overrides Function
Item(index As Integer) As System.Xml.XmlNode':
Not most specific.

    For overload candidate 'Overrides ReadOnly
Default Property Item(i As Integer) As
System.Xml.XmlAttribute': Not most specific.

looks like the compiler can't figure out whether
to use the property or the function... does
anyone know of a workaround for this?


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