Complete control of WebService response

Complete control of WebService response

Post by A. H?kan Wennerber » Mon, 01 Jan 2001 10:26:58


Is there anyway to have full control of the output from a WebService. When I
return a String the service embedes this return value with some XML. Since I
want my method to return an XML-document I've created myself I do not want
it to be embeded in the WebService's XML-document.

How can I prevent the WebService-generated XML-document?

H?kan Wennerberg


1. Stored Procdure complete response

C# 3.5 VS 2008
SQL 2008
Win XP

Still learning, be gental.

Some one has asked me to create a little exe that will run a series of
stored procedures sequentially.  Each are dependant on the one before
it completing successfully, else show which failed and error and

I asked him why doesn't he do this with SSIS.  He said dev does not
want any jobs set up on the test server that wouldn't be used on a
production server. - fine.

I have tried working through this using async communication.  Most of
what I have comes from here:

However, there is no user interaction required because some of the job
run long.  He just wants to start the exe and walk away.

Maybe I shouldn't be using async.  I'm just not sure. Here is what I
would like:
Running sp1...
sp1 completed successfully
Running sp2...
sp2 completed successfully

With async I end up with
Running sp1...
Running sp2...
sp1 completed successfully
sp2 completed successfully

Any simple ideas or examples you can point me too would be great.


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