How to create a control array and refer to the control in the form keydown

How to create a control array and refer to the control in the form keydown

Post by Gilber » Fri, 21 Feb 2003 16:15:45

pls help...

how to create a control array in vb .net and activate a
lookup window when one of the control having the focus by
pressing the f3 key at the form keydown or keypress event
in vb .net.   I used to do this by using the ActiveControl
method and trace the control name and the index property
of the control to activate the lookup windows depending on
which control having the vb.   How to achieve
this in vb .net ? plz help....


1. How to I refer to Dynamically created Controls.

I am building several grid controls dynamically in the Page_Load
method.  I am able to create them and add them to the PlaceHolder
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How would I refer to each individual grid on a button_Click event or
some other part of code, not in the Page_Load?

Any help would be appreciated.  I am using and
(sorry if this is posted 2x - computer crashed in the middle)


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