RichTextBox Problem #2 (some mistake)

RichTextBox Problem #2 (some mistake)

Post by FU.U. » Wed, 28 May 2003 22:24:17

Article I write previous, I said, RichTextBox has a problem in IME,
when setting Text property to Nothing, but that's not a true, I test
that again, but in same condition that problem does not raised again.

The reason is handling Textchanged event.
In my code, when each text change event, I accessed to Text property.
That's the problem.
In normal situation, textbox must wait IME completes making character.
But RichTextBox does not wait, and seperate each key inputs to
seperated characters. And the hooking is not a reguler. In some
character completed well, but some characters couldn't.

Here my code.
Try input Korean characters.

Private Sub SourceView_TextChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object,
ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles SourceView.TextChanged
    End Sub


1. RichTextBox problem with IME.

I found small problem in RichTextBox with IME.

RichTextBox's IME controling is broken when assigning VB Nothing to
[Text] property of RichTextBox.

I tried to text property Nothing and "" (zero-length-string).
When I assigned "" to [Text] property, RichTextBox works well. There
was no IME controling error.
When I assigned Nothing to [Text] property, RichTextBox coudln't
handle IME.
In my case, I tried to input Korean character(one character is made of
2~3 key input) With Nothing, character couldn't made succesfully, and
seperated to each key inputs. I tried all ImeModes, but RichTextBox
couldn't handle IME well. (even Korean Mode...)

As In know, in VB, Nothing is translated automaticcaly "", but "" is
not a Nothing.
I don't know whether this is the reason of this problem. But this
automatic translation is surely bad.
I didn't find more info about this problem, but MSDN reference does
not includes info about this.
You MS people, Please add comment this problem.
If you can, reply me a mail.

I'm using W2k english with Korean language(not default).
I'm using MS Office too, but I don't know whether I installed Office's
And VS.NET 2003.

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