Vs Add-ins

Vs Add-ins

Post by Petter ?hbec » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Don't know if this is rigth forum, but if not pls advise.

Where to find info on managing projects programmatically from a VS Add-in.

Am I supposed to write to .dsp file to add a file (or group) to project
(anyway this dosen't work in all situations)?

This approach seems a little bit crude.

Does anyone know ??



1. .NET Add-ins in Excel do not show up in Add-ins

Has anyone been successful in adding custom built-in functions into
Excel via the .net XP Interop assemblies?

According to MS KB 316723, you have to make sure you build the
deployment project for the Current User, not the machine.  I did that.

Also, in the Add-in path for Excel, I added a string called "Automation"
(from a support call to Microsoft) ... but
alas ... no add-in after I install.

Anyone get this to work?


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