Context-sensitive Help for Menu Items

Context-sensitive Help for Menu Items

Post by Paul Kubitschec » Tue, 16 Jul 2002 17:48:54


I have provided context-sensitive help for all input
controls on my forms by using the help provider. This
works well. But, there is no support for menu items. If
the user presses F1 on a menu item, I have to use my own
hash table to associate menu items with the anchor names
in my HTML help pages. And I must use the events
HelpRequested (of the form) and Select (of the menu item)
to bring this together.

I think, this should be done by a HelpMenuProvider class
provided with the .NET Framework.

Also, there is no HelpRequest event on main menu items,
only on sub-items. Why? I want to provide a help page for
the main menu item (i.e. File) too.

Thanks for any response


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I'm writing a custom AppWizard in Visual Studio .Net.

According to the Visual Studio documentation "Providing
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That works fine for a Visual Studio Keyword.

How can I specify a keyword/topic in my own help file
(.chm or htm)?
The documentation is not clear in this aspect.



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