How do a add a Reference to the "Add Reference" dialog box

How do a add a Reference to the "Add Reference" dialog box

Post by SW » Thu, 10 Oct 2002 09:55:40

This must be documented _somewhere_ but I can't find it...

I've got a strongly named assembly. I compile it, and then c:> gacutil /uf
I exected my assembly to show up in the .Net tab of the "Add Reference"
dialog box from
I've checked to see that the assem is really there, and that I can reference
it during design and load it during runtime. But it doesn't show up in the
dialog box, I've got to Browse for it.

How do I get it in there?

Thanks for your help.

--Scott W.


How do a add a Reference to the "Add Reference" dialog box

Post by Mattias Sj?gre » Thu, 10 Oct 2002 16:54:34


Quote:>How do I get it in there?

INFO: How to Display an Assembly in the Add Reference Dialog Box;en-us;q306149


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