Creating Browse information for multiple projects

Creating Browse information for multiple projects

Post by Rajesh Chawl » Sun, 05 Aug 2001 02:22:04

Hi folks,

I have one project that has a bunch of subprojects. I want to generate
browse information for each of the subprojects and be able to access
all the class information.

What I have to do now is to go to each subproject and load up it's
.bsc file.

Any idea on how I can generate browse information on all the projects?



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This is my first postaing to this group, so I'm sorry if this is a FAQ ...
(Is there a FAQ somewhere ?)

I have old C code which I want to compile using Visual C++ 5.0 and
Visual Studio 97.

Let's say I have program P which uses static libraries a and b.
P, a and b all reside in their own directories and they all are
separate projects in same workspace.

How can I create one .bsc file where are symbols from _all_
three, P, a and b ?

I can create three _separate_ browse files P.bsc, a.bsc and b.bsc but
that is not what I want.

Note that in real situation I have > 15 static libraries --> to make
practical I must have all in one .bsc file.

How to do this using Visual C++ 5.0 IDE and projects ?

Sauli S?rkilahti.

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