install error 25003

install error 25003

Post by <sleazyp.. » Fri, 26 Apr 2002 11:17:02

after doing component update on windowsXP (p3-
1Gig/60G/HD/384RAM)I get "Internal Error 25003"
Can anyone help me?

1. .Net 2003 Install Error 25003

When trying to install VS.Net Ent Arch 2003 Beta, I am
receiving 2 Internal Errors 25003 during
the "CreateVSDevGroup"

I have tried on both a W2K Pro and an XP Pro machine.  
Each machine exceeds the hardware/software requirements
for the build.

The Prerequisite CD files installed successfully.

I have attached the Error file.

Maybe a good starting point would be the # of files and
physical directory size of the TEMP folder after the SFX
has been run on the 900MB download file (i.e. a corrupted

2K Download

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