winform control in web page, interaction from control to page

winform control in web page, interaction from control to page

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As far as I can tell, even if it's not impossible, there is at least no
easy way to do it. You may look at the article "Windows Forms Over the Web"
by Chris Sells on


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| Subject: winform control in web page, interaction from control to page
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| If I have a winform control on a web page, how can the
| winform control interact with other HTML elements that are
| on the same page?  For example, a user clicks a button on
| my client-side .NET control, and the control fills in an
| HTML text box or redirects a frame in a frameset.  
| Instantiating the control and calling its methods from the
| web page is straightforward.  Going in the other direction
| is not.
| Regards,
| Mark



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I need to encapsulate an ActiveX control and add controls to the display of
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sibling WinForm controls (real-time display update of the ActiveX control
with data coming from a socket).  The problem is, I can't get the embedded
WinForm User Control to show up in the aspx page (using the <object> tag)
when it houses an ActiveX control.  If I remove the ActiveX control from the
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Is there something wrong with the COM interop with the multiple layers here
(IE--User Control--ActiveX).

Any help or direction would be much appreciated.

Ryan Kelley

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