RichTextBox problem with IME.

RichTextBox problem with IME.

Post by FU.U. » Wed, 28 May 2003 21:48:37

I found small problem in RichTextBox with IME.

RichTextBox's IME controling is broken when assigning VB Nothing to
[Text] property of RichTextBox.

I tried to text property Nothing and "" (zero-length-string).
When I assigned "" to [Text] property, RichTextBox works well. There
was no IME controling error.
When I assigned Nothing to [Text] property, RichTextBox coudln't
handle IME.
In my case, I tried to input Korean character(one character is made of
2~3 key input) With Nothing, character couldn't made succesfully, and
seperated to each key inputs. I tried all ImeModes, but RichTextBox
couldn't handle IME well. (even Korean Mode...)

As In know, in VB, Nothing is translated automaticcaly "", but "" is
not a Nothing.
I don't know whether this is the reason of this problem. But this
automatic translation is surely bad.
I didn't find more info about this problem, but MSDN reference does
not includes info about this.
You MS people, Please add comment this problem.
If you can, reply me a mail.

I'm using W2k english with Korean language(not default).
I'm using MS Office too, but I don't know whether I installed Office's
And VS.NET 2003.


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