Post by Robert Jobe » Wed, 07 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Is anybody using S-Designor? Is there a news conference for S-Designor.

If not I have this question.

Can you give me an example of business rules for the following
 - definition
 - fact
 - formula
 - validation
What is there a diference between these categories?



1. S-Designor CASE tool from Powersoft


Does anybody have an opinion on the S-Designor CASE tool from

We are currently evaulating version 4.2 but will probably implment
using version 5.0

1. Has the tool added to the productivity ?

2. How is the tool currently being used in your organization e.g.
Is it being used from to design to physical database implementation.

Any opinion will be welcome.

Shiraz Kassam

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