Anyone using OMS (Open Mail System) 1.5 DLL with PB?

Anyone using OMS (Open Mail System) 1.5 DLL with PB?

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I tried using the OMS/VBX package with PB, but no luck. We didn't even know OMS/DLL existed until
Jim at Raindrop e-mailed me about it (from the CIS forum). I've pretty much given up on the

There is a package out there for Win NT & 95 (I don't think it supports Win 3.x). This is the
description from the LOTUSM forum on CIS, VIM library:

Mail eXtension for Visual Basic 4.0 FINAL RELEASE v1.20.01 (VIM & MAPI  support)

Mail X: -The perfect choice for adding e-mail capabilities to your VB4  applications. -The most
powerful binding support for Visual Basic Custom Control. -Supports MAPI and VIM systems
simultaneously without changing your  CODE!!!. -MAPIVIM 1.34 Router for Mail eXtension (By
Toppin/Itriago Software) -VBX, OCX, HELP and DEMO files included. -VBX & OCX versions are
included -Windows 95 & Windows NT 3.51 Setup program.

Enjoy MAIL X 1.20.01 FULL PACK

Mike Smith


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