UpArrow, DownArrow keys in a DDDW : PB 4.0

UpArrow, DownArrow keys in a DDDW : PB 4.0

Post by Ravi Sompal » Sat, 01 Apr 1995 04:00:00

        I am trying to change the behavior of the up/down arrow keys within
        a DDDW. I would like to scroll up/down to the previous /next record
        within the datawindow.

        I tried coding a script for the the "pbm_dwnkey" event and
        tested the key pressed using the KeyDown() function. However, pressing
        the arrow keys within a DDDW still invokes the default behavior of
        scrolling through the DDDW rows. The code within the script is ...

                if KeyDown(KeyDownArrow!) then dw_1.ScrollNextRow()
                if KeyDown(KeyUpArrow!) then dw_1.ScrollPriorRow()

        The above code works within a DDDW if I substitute a different key
        [ex. F1]. It seems that for arrow keys, the "pbm_dwnkey" event is
        never processed by the parent. Appreciate any solution/feedback.


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