PBORC040.DLL w/PB C++ Class Builder

PBORC040.DLL w/PB C++ Class Builder

Post by Frank Appl » Thu, 08 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone created a non-visual user object (using the PB C++ Class
Builder) to encapsulate the ORCA library functions? If so, are you willing to
share code or info.?




1. ORCA - pborc040.dll - size?

        I'm having trouble calling the function
PBORCA_SessionSetCurrentAppl(). I'm sure I've got
the parameters right (If the documentation was
correct - PB 4.0 Open Library API Spec, 4/24/95).

        I checked the size of pborc040.dll and it
is only 13K - is that right? Do I have the right
dll? If not, how does one uncompress pborc040.zll
on the PB4 enterprise CD?

        Thanks in advance for any help.


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