dw preview vs dw.retrieve

dw preview vs dw.retrieve

Post by David Bloch » Sat, 03 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I am using pb 4.04 with oracle 7.1 on windows. I have added a column to a
table.  When i preview the datawindow all the data displays correctly.  
However when I try to retrieve the datawindow on an openwindow I get the
oracle error 00904 invalid column name.  I have tried a variety of column
names and all return this error.  names such as SF_1, FLT, and SX32.
Why does preview work and not retrieve.
thanx in advance,
David Blocher
Carpenter Technology Corporation

1. dw.SetRedraw(false) and then dw.Print() messes up the print out.

dw_1.dwModify("datawindow.header.height ="+'300')

Code above prints only few rows. If SetRedraw(false) is not used then
print out is ok. I do not want users to see the changes on the window as
the report title is already there on the window title bar.
Redraw function is supposed to affect only the screen(window) and not the
print out. So should I put this one on my PB bug list ?
Is there any work around ?

Manish Shah

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