Data Corruption w/Data Pipeline (Watcom)

Data Corruption w/Data Pipeline (Watcom)

Post by Gene Hube » Wed, 07 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I just tried my first data pipeline with PB.  I just wanted to move a
small Watcom table from one Watcom DB to another Watcom DB.
I thought it would be really simple and painless.!??!.  Ha!!!!!

I set up the pipeline and ran it interactively.  It ran and created a
table of the right structrue in the destination DB.  However, the data
is obviously corrupted.  I have lots of high order ascii characters
stuck in various fields where there were none in the source.

The source table is all char or varchar fields.  There are a number of
backquote characters in the data (could these cause problems?) The
primary key is on a char(8) field.  All but the key field accept null, with
quite a few actually being null.  There are about 50 records with 9
columns.  Beyond that, I'm still speechless.

Any help appreciated.

Gene Hubert


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