Adding Groups Dynamically

Adding Groups Dynamically

Post by PaulKais » Mon, 05 Feb 1996 04:00:00

We want to give the user a way to add datawindow group aggregates (like
subtotals and averages) to any datawindow in our application on demand.
We know we could get their user's requirements from a dialog box, then
apply a Create and piecemeal Modify calls (to minimize hitting the 64K
syntax string limit) to recreate the datawindow with the specified groups
and computed fields.

Has anyone been able to solve this in a more straightforward approach?

Also, while most users will be satisfied with fairly simple expressions to
define their computed fields, a few may want to create some very complex
ones.  This would require an equally sophisticated expression
builder/parser, since we do not want the user to have to be a datawindow

Does anyone know of a third party package that does this?

Thank you

Paul Kaiser

Paul Kaiser


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  I am working in a special case. The case included a report that needed
to change or add the grouping columns in its format dynamically. Except
for modifying its datawindow syntax directly, I don't know what method I
can use to finish the requirement.

Are there anyone who can tell me how to do with the report ???

Thanx however.

                                  John C Hwang
                                  Taiwan (Republic Of China)

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