Post by Ned Hamilt » Sun, 12 Jun 1994 21:43:40

Why am I suddenly getting General Protection Faults in Data Window

I've got an application with a dozen data windows, small amounts
of data, a dozen windows. Every thing works fine but now I'm getting
general protection faults from PBDW**.DLL when I close the
Edit Style, Edit dialog box. Only happens on ONE data window out
of the dozen or so I use. I may have changed the Oracle table
outside of PB but I did a database syncronization. All the other
data windows that work are associated with other Oracle tables.
The offending Data Window is the only DW associated with that
Oracle table, but the DW runs fine when I run the application!

I tried moving the offending data window to another
application's library and had same problem
so it's not the application. The data window works fine in the
application ONLY causes GPF when I'm in PB Data Window painter.
I right click on a field and then invoke the Edit Style and then
the Edit... dialog box. When I exit (or cancel) from that
dialog box: GPF!! Don't even have to make a change in the dialog
box to get the GPF.

Oh yeah, the application is tiny relative to my other PB
applications. Only 100K.

Very frustrating and annoying bug!!

  Ned Hamilton                   NTC       Department of Neurosurgery




Post by Betts Loren Co » Mon, 13 Jun 1994 05:35:26

Try 'Regenerating' the object(s) and app.





Hi folks,

A freind of mine has a problem with a window created with PBuilder.
Here are the specifications:
- This window has 5 datawindows; each one calls 1 record from the database
- This window consumes about 84 Ko RAM.
- The version of Powerbuilder is 3.0c
A GPF is raised when a script is executed:
just a set of string variable declaration and normal assignments of this kind:
    string a
    string b

With the debugger, it appears that the value of the variable a is changed
(with strange value)  when the assignment of variable b is done.

The GPF displayed is:
     Application Error, PBSTUB caused a general protection fault in module
PBSHR030.DLL at 001E:037A.

A GPF is also raised when we execute the application within PBuilder:
    General protection fault in module PBSHR030.DLL at 001E:037A.

Does somebody know how to resolve this problem ?

Thanks in advance.


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