Best place to put validations?

Best place to put validations?

Post by Brad Herd » Thu, 08 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Kind of a newbie question here...

Can anyone give me an opinion on where validations should be put?

I am having a "discussion" with a co-worker about this who insists they should
all be done in a window function and that we shouldn't use the
Rows-->Column Specifications... even for simple validations.

Additionally, he wants to put a call to AcceptText() in the losefocus event,
which wrecks using validations in Row-->Column Specifications since they get
triggered all the time (even when you hit the cancel button to close the window
without saving data - so you have to fix your data before you can exit).

My personal opinion is that the losefocus event shouldn't have any code in it.
The ue_presave event should look something like this:

if ( AcceptText() = 1 ) then

   if ( iou_column_state.ibassertnotnullforrequired() ) then // check non-visual
                                                             // user object to see if
      PostEvent ( this, "ue_save" )                          // all req'd fields are
                                                             // filled in.
   end if

end if

and ue_save should look like this:

SetPointer ( HourGlass! )
iw_frame.SetMicroHelp ( "Updating data..." )

if ( wf_update_dw() ) then
   iw_frame.SetMicroHelp ( "Data updated successfully." )
   iw_frame.SetMicroHelp ( "Data not updated." )
end if

My friend has AcceptText() calls in all the events: losefocus(), ue_presave() and
ue_save()... so when I have an error - I get three popups telling me about it,
whereas (of course - he isn't checking the return code from any of them)....

So - please tell me your strategy for handling validations!!!

Thanks very much,
Brad Herder


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