HELLPPP! - OLE & MS WORD question

HELLPPP! - OLE & MS WORD question

Post by Jack Bade » Fri, 29 Sep 1995 04:00:00

To anyone who knows:
   Using PowerBuilder 4, I have a function which dynamically creates
an OLE object for MS WORD (6.0) called Contract_ltr.
    <<  Contract_ltr.ConnectToNewObjeect("word.basic") >> - all this
works fine.
    Using WORD Basic commands, I open an existing WORD file that has
bookmarks embedded in it. I then issue a series of:
commands to build the letter. On the 14th "EditGoTo" command, I get
"Application Error; Winword caused a GPF in module Winword.exe at
00DE:4137", followed by a PB system error message -- Error #35.
    I can swap the order of the "GoTo"/"Insert" pairs without
apparent problem. It always crashes on the 14th pair, even if
earlier it worked OK when that pair was higher in the list.
    I suspect that my PB code is getting scrambled and the string in
"EditGoTo" is getting lost somehow. I'm using a 486SX machine with
16 MB Ram.
    Is there a limit of 14 such pairs? Any known bugs? Any suggested
fixes or get arounds? Thanks in advance for any help.
                                        Jack Bader

HELLPPP! - OLE & MS WORD question

Post by Joyce Kniepkam » Fri, 29 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi Jack, Hasn't anyone helped you yet? Joyce


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