Preview/long dw header bug?

Preview/long dw header bug?

Post by Mike Moo » Thu, 07 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I've got a long (half page or so) header on a datawindow.
Print preview works fine if the whole header fits in the preview
window.  If the header exceeds the screen window size, the scroll
bars no longer functions right.... nothing moves.  I can't see the
rest of the report.

Printing on paper works fine.

Any ideas/suggestions?  Is this a bug?

(I'm using PB Desktop 4.0.02)



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I am using pb 4.04 with oracle 7.1 on windows. I have added a column to a
table.  When i preview the datawindow all the data displays correctly.  
However when I try to retrieve the datawindow on an openwindow I get the
oracle error 00904 invalid column name.  I have tried a variety of column
names and all return this error.  names such as SF_1, FLT, and SX32.
Why does preview work and not retrieve.
thanx in advance,
David Blocher
Carpenter Technology Corporation

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