OLE MS WORD statement to function calls

OLE MS WORD statement to function calls

Post by jeffrey a juds » Thu, 08 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Powerbuilder OLE connect to word requires a function call where as MS
word has many statements as part of it's wordbasic.  The question is how
do I code the function call in powerbuilder when there are multiple
paramaters.  Example:  mailmergeopendatasource in WORD is
mailmergeopendatasource .connection="xxx", .sqlstatement="xxxx" how
should this be coded in the powerbuilder OLE call.  

Peter Barnum 508-474-8566


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Is there anyone out there who was able to figure out how to catch events
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notified when a user closes a document, or the application.


Jean-Pierre Maertens

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