PB403: SetItem() space prob?

PB403: SetItem() space prob?

Post by Joe McNama » Sat, 03 Feb 1996 04:00:00

    I have a datawindow with a single column called 'sval' char(200).
This is an external source datawindow where I insert report rows then
print it out or save it in .PSR format for later retrieval.  Apparently
if the string in my dw.SetItem() has leading spaces they are ignored in the
dw.  They cannot be seen on the screen or in printing.  If I modify the DW
and hand enter a single row in the DATA selection, something like:

  '     There are five spaces in front of me.'

I then type a preview, waaaaala.  It works fine and prints correctly.  But
when I use a SetItem in my program, they do not show up.  Any suggestions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

   Thanx in Advance,
        Joe M.



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   Pull'in my hair out about Composite DW reports.  I have a composite report
with about a dozen smalled DW reports and I need to access the inner
Datawindows.   For instance I want to check (via SQL in a PB script) if
any records exists in an inner DW report so I can make the report DW
invisible.  Also in another inner DW report I need to translate some data
with is not (and cannot be) normalized.  

   My composite report is dw_watson.

   An inner report is dw_wat_summary with an object name of 'watson_summary'

 I've tried both the following:

   if dw_watson.dw_wat_summary.RowCount() ....


   if dw_watson.watson_summary.RowCount() ....

Neither work.  In both cases I get a 'Incompatible field "watson_summary" for
type dw_watson' and 'Incompatible field "dw_wat_summary" for type dw_watson'.

 Help!  I absolutely need to access the inner datawindows from PB script.

   Much Thanks in Advance,

           Joe M.


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