2 PB4 - Oracle SP questions

2 PB4 - Oracle SP questions

Post by db » Thu, 10 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Anyone using Oracle 7.1.6 SP's out there?  The documentation seems to
be minimal at best.  I'm doing a project where I'm converting existing
SQL that was executed dynamically in 'C' wrappers to triggers and
stored procedures.  These will be all update, delete and insert stored
procedures that will be declared and executed in PB scripts.  All
selects are being done directly by the datawindow due to lack of
support for result sets.  If you have an answer please mail it back, as
I will be off the newsgroup for a while.  I will post back the answers

the header)

1)  Oracle allows you to declare output parameters that are passed by
reference into the proc and then can be loaded with a value that the
caller should then be able to manipulate.  Has anyone got this to work?
I can't find anything in the PB doc that says you can do it or not. I'v
only been abler to get input parameters to work in my procs.

2)  Oracle provides a package facility to group together stored
procedures.  You can declare a table data type in the package and use
that type to pass an array to a stored procedure as an input parameter.
 Has anyone done this successfully passing an array from PB to the


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