Closing a PB app. from another PN app.

Closing a PB app. from another PN app.

Post by Krishna Sast » Thu, 16 Feb 1995 06:02:44

I launch a PB app. (A) that launches another PB app. (B). When a user closes app. A,
the closequery of app. A sends a WM_CLOSE message to app. B. In the closequery of
app. B, a messagebox is displayed to the user to confirm if he/she wants to quit the
application. The problem that I am having is that the messagebox from the closequery
of the 2nd application locks up, I cannot tab between the OK and Cancel buttons or
use the mouse. The messagebox does not always lock up, it happens at random. Any
suggestions would be very helpful.

1. Closing an VO App from another VO App...

Regards VOers!!!

I'm building a aplication that needs to close another VO aplication...
But, I don't have success.
I'm trying for this way:


FUNCTION CloseRunningInstanceApp(cAppID) AS LOGIC PASCAL
LOCAL lAlreadyRunning AS LOGIC
LOCAL ptrFoundWin AS PTR

Global_dwMyAppMessage := RegisterWindowMessage( String2Psz( Global_cGuid ) )
Global_hMutex := CreateMutex( NULL_PTR, FALSE, String2Psz( Global_cGuid ) )
   lAlreadyRunning := TRUE
IF lAlreadyRunning

   IF ptrFoundWin <> NULL_PTR
      ptrFoundWin := GetLastActivePopup(ptrFoundWin)

RETURN lAlreadyRunning

METHOD DetonarTudo() CLASS PrincipalWindow

 (InfoBox{SELF,"Detonar Sistema","Detonando sistema agora..."}):Show()
  IF AlreadyRunningInstance("sucata2000.exe")


If the target app is running, AlreadyRunningInstance() returns true.
But, the target app don't close.  It still running...


Lucio Chiessi

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