Powerbuilder perm & contract

Powerbuilder perm & contract

Post by Mindbank Consulting Gro » Sat, 03 Feb 1996 04:00:00

If anyone knows anyone interested in any type of Powerbuilder opportunity,


1. FL - PowerBuilder & C Programmers Temp to Perm Contracts!!

TeamAlliance Orlando-Jacksonville (Miami) is a  technical
placement firm which is part of a National firm.                
Our focus is on contract & full time positions in Florida.
PowerBuilder and C Application Programmers Temp to Perm Contracts!!

There are many positions open for this job!
We need qualified candidates with strong
Powerbuilder and GUI skills.

The other positions need candidates with strong
C Programming skills.  A minimum of one year's
experience is desired.

EXPERIENCE:     1 - 3 years

DURATION:       1 Year temp to Permanent


SALARY: Competitive.

LOCATION:       Orlando, FL

1. Please e-mail you resume in ascii text format
2. Include the amount of your current salary or hourly rate.
3. Indicate the name of the positon for which you are applying.
4. Include 2-3 managers names & phone numbers as references.

TeamAlliance Orlando-Jacksonville (Miami)
101 Southhall Lane, Suite 400
Maitland, FL  32751
Phone: (407) 667-4890 (Ask for Ms. Bahl or Ms. Tarver)
FAX: (800) 667-0146

Please e-mail resume to one of the following addresses:

(CompuServe)   75757,1312

See our web pages:
(National WEB Page)   http://www.teamalliance.com
(Regional WEB Page)  ftp://ftp.netcom.com/pub/te/teamall/teamall.html

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