GPF's after upgrade to 3.0a

GPF's after upgrade to 3.0a

Post by Bill La » Fri, 08 Apr 1994 02:43:48

    I have recently installed version 3.0a (thank you PowerSoft for
some long awaited fixes). I noticed that my application was crashing
at certain places, where it never crashed under 3.0. After lots of
unsuccessful debugging, I finally gave in and did something that I
should have done long ago, and split the application up into more but
smaller pbl files. Now the application doesn't crash any more!

    Has anyone else noticed an increased sensitivity to pbl file size
with the latest (3.0a) upgrade?



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While it may be urban legend, I believe that Microsoft has a vested
interest in making sure that their products run better than their
competitors.  While they may not actively try to put bugs in their
competitors products it doesn't take much imagination to think that
VB and other Microsoft developers have access to information (e.g.
"undocumented features" of windows) that non-Microsoft developers don't.


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