Left Outer Join of Views?

Left Outer Join of Views?

Post by Chad Garrett Edwar » Tue, 04 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Does anyone know of a problem with PB4.0 and/or Watcom 4.0 (local) in
performing a Left Outer Join of two views in the datawindow painter. I
have one column in view 1 that allows NULLS. It is left outer joined to
another view. When I do a retrieve, I only get back the non-NULL rows of
view 1. I have tried the same thing using the native tables, and it works
(but is not what I want to do). I have also tried creating a third view
which does the left outer join, and that works (but again, is not a
suitable option, as later on, the two tables may end up in separate
databases). Why does it not work with two views? Any help would be
appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Chad Edwards


1. Using Views to Create Views with outer joins

Does anyone know if it's possible to create a view from two
views using an outer join? So far, it doesn't seem to work. The

result set is the same as an inner join.
I was going crazy trying to figure out what was happening in
my datawindows.
To make things simpler to understand, I created 2 simple tables
with 3 columns each. I created a view from these tables, with
outer join and the result set was as expected.
I then created 2 views, one from each of my original 2 tables
that contained all columns from the original tables.
In other words, each view was identical to the table
it was derived from.
When I then created a view from these views with an OJ, the
result set was not correct.
Is this technically not possible, due to the way views work, or
have I discovered yet another bug? Using Watcom 4.0



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