dddw to dddw

dddw to dddw

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I am having problem with communication between 2 dropdowndatawindows. i
am trying to do the powersoft text book on mastering datawindows. i did
what it has asked but with little success. As mentioned in the book, i
have 1 main datawindow, consisting of 2 dddw s, dddw_deptid and
dddw_empid. the final product should work like this--when the user
selects some department, all the employees in that department should
shown in the dddw_empid. for this i am using 1 table, consisting of
deptid, deptname, empid, empname, state. In the datawindow, i am making
the deptid's edit to be dddw_deptid so that the display is deptname and
when selected, deptid is stored in the database(display and data).
similarly for empid--display-empname and data-empid. I removed the
deptname and empname from display on the datawindow. Also for the two
dddw, i am using another two datawindows, one containing deptid,
deptname(d_dept) and other containing empid, empname(d_emp) columns. for
the datawindow d_emp, i giving a retrieval argument for empid.
        In the itemchanged event for the main datawindow, i used a
childdatawindow for the dddw_empid and for each deptid selected i am
retrieving the empname. As mentioned in the book i used a insertrow in
the openevent of the window to remove the retrive argument when i open
the window. BUT the retrieve argument is still coming, and i also feel
that every is not working right( about the data coming up in the empid
for each selected dept).
        Can any tell me where i wrongly stepped. Thanks

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