How to Migrate DataWindow from Watcom to Sybase?

How to Migrate DataWindow from Watcom to Sybase?

Post by use.. » Thu, 08 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Anyone have an easy method for migrating a datawindow object developed in
Watcom to work with Sybase?  The syntax is different - Sybase requires
table owner prepended before table name in SQL syntax, Watcom doesn't.  

It would be nice if there were a utility that made this transparent to
the developer. I've heard that Delphi makes this simple through database



1. migrate from watcom to oracle

Please help me!!!!
  I create an aplication with PowerBuilder & Watcom, all the sql expresions
  are surrounded by quotes. I try to migrate the aplication to Oracle,
  but, if sql expresions have quotes then oracle distinguish upercase and
   1)  Can I configure oracle, to ignore quotes ?????
   2)  Can I build an aplication with Watcom 4.0 without quotes ?????
     ( if I use the parameter "DelimiterIdentifier = 'NO'", I have problems
       with system tables and extended atributes)

  Please Help Me !!!


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