Connecting to FoxPro tables using ODBC from PowerBuilder (4.04)

Connecting to FoxPro tables using ODBC from PowerBuilder (4.04)

Post by Estherlita Griffith » Mon, 05 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Over the past two weeks, the following annoying error occurs everytime I
access FoxPro tables from PowerBuilder (only during testing using the
Database Administration painter).

Even though the ODBC is set up to read these tables from the LAN F:\,
each time I try to display the records, I get the following error:  
"Error reading drive A:\    CANCEL/RETRY".  After I hit the CANCEL button
a couple of times, it displays the table.  

Has anyone out there encountered this, and what is the solution.  I have
checked the PB.INI file for any references to the A:\ drive, but there
are none.


1. powerbuilder 4.04 problems

I was reading in the administrator guide that "after creation [of the
database], the database's name cannot be easily changed".

I was wondering if it is actually possible to change the database name.  If it
is, does anyone know how to do it?    I know the name gets stuck in the
control files, data files, and redo logs, and you would have to change it in
all these places ( as well as the init.ora file)  Is it possible to do this,
or would it be easier to just create a new database on another machine and do
a full import from the origional database, and then recreate the database on
the origional machine?

please send email, thanks.

Ken H.

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