Problem Printing from Freeform Datawindow

Problem Printing from Freeform Datawindow

Post by Randal V. Zoell » Thu, 08 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I'm having a problem with printing a text datatype in a freeform datawindow.
I have a text datatype column in the detail band of a datawindow which is
used to print miscellaous notes. The column contents may spill over to the
NEXt page/pages,  and whenever it does, I want the header information to
repeat on each page. Currently the header section will not print and the text
column just continues from the top of the page. Autosize height was set to
true for both the detail band and the column.

Is there a way or workaround to do this?  Please email any response.



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1. automatic freeform datawindow creation

In PB3:
Anyone know how to get dwSyntaxFromSQL
to create a freeform style datawindow?

An example from the online help:
dwSyntaxFromSQL(SQLCA, sql_syntax, "style(type=grid)", ERRORS)

I can use (style=grid) or (style=tabular)
but whenever I try (style=freeform) it doesn't work.
(it was a while ago that I last tried it, but I think it either
complained or GPF-ed or gave me the tabular style or some other
totally useless response)

There must be a mechanism, because the database painter can do it, and
so can the 'create new datawindow' dialog.

Any clues?

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