Trapping ALT key in dddw

Trapping ALT key in dddw

Post by Dave Hube » Thu, 19 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I'm trying to trap the ALT arrow down key in a dddw with ShowList turned on.

I've tried trapping it in the datawindow using events for pbm_dwnkey,
pbm_keydwn, pbm_syskeydwn, pbm_syschar, and even at the window level using the
same events.  It doesn't seem to trigger any of the events.  pbm_dwnkey works
for other controls at the window level.  I've looked at FOLIO views and there
seems to be several suggestions on how to do this that either don't work or
are wrong.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.


1. dddw to dddw

I am having problem with communication between 2 dropdowndatawindows. i
am trying to do the powersoft text book on mastering datawindows. i did
what it has asked but with little success. As mentioned in the book, i
have 1 main datawindow, consisting of 2 dddw s, dddw_deptid and
dddw_empid. the final product should work like this--when the user
selects some department, all the employees in that department should
shown in the dddw_empid. for this i am using 1 table, consisting of
deptid, deptname, empid, empname, state. In the datawindow, i am making
the deptid's edit to be dddw_deptid so that the display is deptname and
when selected, deptid is stored in the database(display and data).
similarly for empid--display-empname and data-empid. I removed the
deptname and empname from display on the datawindow. Also for the two
dddw, i am using another two datawindows, one containing deptid,
deptname(d_dept) and other containing empid, empname(d_emp) columns. for
the datawindow d_emp, i giving a retrieval argument for empid.
        In the itemchanged event for the main datawindow, i used a
childdatawindow for the dddw_empid and for each deptid selected i am
retrieving the empname. As mentioned in the book i used a insertrow in
the openevent of the window to remove the retrive argument when i open
the window. BUT the retrieve argument is still coming, and i also feel
that every is not working right( about the data coming up in the empid
for each selected dept).
        Can any tell me where i wrongly stepped. Thanks

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