Easy datawindows question

Easy datawindows question

Post by Krzysztof Gembor » Thu, 08 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I have two datawindows with external data source that I want to
print on the one page (contents of the datawindow not datawindow
itself), any help is very appreciated.

Is there any way how you can add a row to the datawindow that is
child of another datawindow (nested report)?

                        Sincerely Kris


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Hello -

I'm a beginner PB developer, but learning fast...  got a simple question, I
think... I want to design a window that has two data windows within... in the
first DataWindow is a Problem Ticket & all of its necessary information.. in
the second datawindow are all the Comments on such ticket, (each comment being
its own record in a comment table which is linked back to the problem ticket
by PTICKETID)... (one to many relationship)

How can I make the second data window show only the comments whose
comment.PTICKETID = the ticket ID of the active row in the first data window.
And hence forth when I select "NEXT" ticket, the comments for the next ticket
automatically populate the data window... etc..

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