HELP!!! GPF in PB3.0a

HELP!!! GPF in PB3.0a

Post by shagl.. » Thu, 28 Sep 1995 04:00:00

This is in reference to a GPF we receive when importing data into a
database located on an NT Server.

   Client machines are running WFW 3.11,32 MB RAM, Oracle 2.0

   Server machine is NT

The GPF =>  PBSTUB caused a General .... in ORA7WIN.DLL

The custom import process is started from within the application .exe -  
The GPF pops up at the end of the import process.

NOTE: all the data is imported everytime, however, this GPF pops up
at the conclusion.  

Right now it is more of an annoyance just to have to restart the app.  
But needs to be resolved soon..  Any help would be greately appreciated.



1. GPF in PB3.0a


I am facing the familiar GPF problem using PB3.0a. The only difference
is it is little inconsistent in the sense that  the GPF appears while
running the application as an EXE and not when running it from PB.

The EXISTING WORKING VERSION of the EXE has this particulr WINDOW with
one datawindow control and several command buttons.  The change i want
to make is to add 2 single line edit fields and static text labels for
them and one more commmand button. The application consists of an EXE
with 6 shared (DYNAMIC) libraries (PBDs)

I found that, after adding even 1 static text field to this window
and on clicking 2 command  buttons which are meant to open the same
window after specific checks causes this problem.

The scenario is these 2 buttons are say 1. New 2. Painter
clicking New opens a default layout as defined in the database and
Painter opens an existing layout.

When either of thses buttons are clicked this GPF occurs. Mind u the
existing version of the application is working' pretty peacefully
at the customer site.

Can u help me........



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